Security professionals will attest to the strength of the modern security camera. Loaded with dozens of features and possibilities, the equipment can help businesses perform tasks from theft prevention to monitoring of equipment. Its prowess continues to grow as companies take advantage of new technological features, though some warn of limitations from certain models.

4K Security Tracking
One recent model release concerns the AR1011Hs model camera from Aptina, which is the first security camera that utilizes ultra-high definition 4K image technology. With a one-inch-tall optical image sensor that can adapt to any lighting needs in the average situation, the camera offers 60 frames per second, twice as many as traditional sensors can. In the event that a user wants 1080p HD video, they can see that framerate leap as high as 120 frames per second.

This isn't the only new release. For users who need to use smaller camera formats, additional new models of security cameras offer half-inch lenses that can increase the average product's signal-to-noise ration while lowering the operating power at the same time. These models can operate without sacrificing dynamic range or image quality.

It's expected that implementing cameras like these can lead to a notable reduction in ownership costs for those adopting them, as they work to streamline the average production capabilities of the camera.

Cloud cameras have limitations
Another recent technology development has provided a lot of improvement for a number of businesses, but ComputerWorld warns that its improvements may not be as great as users may believe. One user of a cloud-based camera noted that at times he'd receive alerts for motion detection without being able to immediately access them. Additionally, having to pay extra for around-the-clock monitoring meant he may have had no idea who broke into a location when he checked the alert, with the potential to drop or lose important imaging.

While these pieces of technology are by no means worthless, the news source noted that there are a number of additional improvements in other corners of the market that may be better investments. More full-fledged security systems for an overall operation can include mobile functionality for a minor add-on fee, meaning that users won't just be able to check their cameras but other smart devices as well. This means that a user can lock up a store after closing while sitting in their car, for example. Shopping around may shine light on these new features.

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