When it comes to the importance of security cameras in the average business, they are no longer limited to keeping owners and staff safe from potential problems. New camera models can help owners realize the best aspects of their overall security, even finding the happiness levels of their customers.

One recent development has come from a company called EnGenius, which has become the latest to enter the security video camera market with new features that include IP features and high-performance technology. These also feature both day and night surveillance, a variety of camera holders and multiple options for resolutions.

They also feature better accessibility and functionality in regard to hard drive and portable SD card data storage, with the potential to capture as much as 32 gigabytes of storage at one time. Additionally, they contain Wide Dynamic Range features to provide clear images under varying light conditions and motion and tamper detection opportunities.

Customer tracking technology
Of course, better tracking and storage abilities are only one development for the technology. According to BuzzFeed, the recent National Retail Federation expo in Manhattan saw camera company 3VR introduce a new level of data analytics that develops in real time, helping companies determine the age, gender and mood of a customer simply by tracking them.

Retailers can do more than ever with this technology, being able to see live updates or weekly reports detailing exactly what members of key markets experience in the company on a regular basis. The updates are expected to boast heavy improvements on current opportunities, such as allowing for the adjusting of signs to better appeal to different age groups and alert employees when lines are too long, giving them opportunities to help mitigate any issues.

This technology can be used in many different contexts, too. While it first started as a security tool to better track the demographics of patrons, Hilton then used it to identify specific return customers. Garages have also started using such technology for better scheduling and timing of valet service. In the near future, the expectations for this technology are high, with no given ceiling for their effects.

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