Small businesses likely already know the benefits of using security cameras for a number of different purposes in their businesses. Not only can the cameras allow them to prevent crime and theft, but they can also record a number of different needs throughout a business from customer traffic to the success of different advertisement strategies.

Linksys adds new features
We Got Served, a blog focusing on new tech product releases, reports that Linksys is trying to reach the security market more than ever. By using a new recording unit in their camera models, they hope to provide small businesses with a new way to achieve security, also including a number of new features.

No matter the model that they purchase, small business leaders are guaranteed to have dynamic range vision, motion detection and alarm or event notification. Three of the company's four new models also have night vision technology. Additional features range from weatherproof and vandal-resistant housing to motion sensors and infrared technology. Users can also access as many as eight streams at one time and view video live or play it back remotely.

Turn a tablet into a security system
Tech Republic adds that another recent innovation on the market has come from a connection made between the GoPro camera production company and any tablet a business may already have on hand. By downloading a simple app from the Android marketplace sponsored by the camera company, this system can work for either basic protection or as a backup security option.

The news source reports that by simply turning on Wi-Fi for the GoPro camera, the video it produces can be immediately viewed from anywhere the tablet can access Wi-Fi. It's possible to record, monitor and configure the video the camera captures, and its name and coordinates can be accessed immediately.

With the flexibility of the GoPro camera, and its long-term resiliency, installing a basic security system can be done without any real issues. However, it comes with some caveats that should emphasize its status as a temporary solution. These include a limited connection area and a relatively short battery life.

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