Security equipment is a consistent demand in the small business world, as many companies regularly consider adding new technology to make their businesses safer. A new study found those considerations are rapidly rising, and in many cases require small investments.

Security budgets growing
A study from TheInfoPro found that small businesses are expected to expand their budgets for security projects throughout 2014, with the findings based on interviews with professionals and decision makers at businesses across the country.

About 38 percent of companies saw their budgets increase specifically to meet more demand for security investments in the past year. Another 45 percent of respondents reported that they'll do the same in 2014, compared to only 11 percent decreasing their numbers.

Security equipment takes a wide definition in the study's context. Computer security is one notable focus, as 18 percent of larger companies reported mobile device management was their biggest problem with the technology. Preventative actions toward the market did expand by about 13 percent in the last year, however.

Inexpensive new opportunities
Some small businesses may be interested in adding security equipment or cameras, but don't have the resources or budget to keep up with larger competitors. That's where newer and less expensive technology comes into play, such as one new one-time-purchase service, according to Digital Trends.

Having expanded from a project on crowdfunding site IndieGoGo to a full-fledged product, the Piper surveillance system costs only $239 and has no long-term contracts necessary in its adoption. To make things better, it doesn't require complicated installation. Simply plugging it in and downloading an app sets up its camera technology. All that's necessary after that is connecting it to a local Wi-Fi connection.

The camera itself is perfect for small businesses, as it's both pleasing to the eye and sturdily built. This means it can be mounted or set up depending on the user's preference. Its camera can also pan and zoom regularly, while its video is HD. It can be set to sense motion and record video in the process. The Piper even has temperature, humidity and ambient light sensor technology.

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