Businesses have long been putting their trust into security equipment. Cameras, systems and new technologies alike all serve the same purpose, protecting the lives and livelihoods of their owners. Not only are new cameras on the market, but new developments have led to the growing popularity of a different style of security.

Some businesses struggle with IP transfer
According to CSO, there's a huge sea change in the world of security cameras only serving to improve the standards and readings of the average piece of equipment. Formerly lashed to their location with a coaxial cable, new cameras can use Internet connectivity. Businesses are reportedly struggling to ensure their locations remain safe.

The news source noted that a recent panel of industry experts found that while IP cameras offer new capabilities, their users are having difficulty harnessing them as strongly as hoped. The shift in hardware to software is preventing many users from knowing how they can best deliver their experiences.

To improve the future implementation of this security, the panel said it's important for businesses to run a pilot project to make sure the technology works correctly, and for more technologically nuanced employees to work with less experienced ones to make sure it's correctly implemented.

Mobile devices gaining security
Cameras aren't the only way businesses can improve their security equipment, however. Laboratory Equipment reported that researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology are in the process of developing a new security system that monitors a tablet or phone user's swiping tendencies. If the movements on a device don't match average owner tendencies, the system can recognize differences and lock itself automatically.

In early lab tests, the system was about 98 percent accurate on a smartphone and about 97 percent positive when tested on tablets.

To test the system, the researchers had 20 different users operate a series of tests, then locked those in as "signature" moves. When another user tried to use the locked-in device with different tendencies, the system automatically locked them out. These systems could potentially, in the future, allow for separate profiles on one tablet, allowing families or coworkers to each have their own private information kept under wraps.

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