In recent years, security equipment has made leaps and bounds for improving the safety and security of small businesses. New advances in the development of camera hardware and software alike are helping to further expand the possibilities that these pieces of technology can provide.

Computer developments improving overall quality
According to, advances in the ways developers are designing their cameras are leading to new possibilities when it comes to surveillance and environmental video monitoring systems alike. A prime example of these improvements comes from a graduate student in computer engineering at the University of California, Santa Cruz, who was able to develop a prototype solar-powered network of cameras that can be used to better monitor company grounds.

Specifically, the program developed and designed by Kevin Abas is called the "Solar Wi-Fi Energy Efficient Tracking" camera system, otherwise known as the SWEETcam. In this situation, camera nodes can cooperate to form a wireless network for the transmission and processing of data. Each separate camera in the network has its own solar panel and rechargeable battery. It's also possible for users to analyze and change images as they're captured.

What's more, the cameras will come with installed motion sensors, which means in the event of any problems users won't need to sift through hours of footage. Minor movements, like wildlife or plants moving, won't set off the camera. If people or figures are recognized, however, that footage will be collected.

Dropcam tests have positive results
While the benefits of Dropcams, small and inexpensive cameras that can monitor specific areas of a business, have been reported before, a recent field test conducted by Small Biz Trends found they indeed will come as advertised.

The cameras are easy to set up, with less than five minutes needed from the moment of unboxing to the first videos reaching users' computers. They can also be placed just about anywhere in a business that remains in range of a Wi-Fi connection. Other noted benefits of the cameras include two-way sound, which can potentially be used to scare off or startle intruders, as well as email alerts, which can pick up any unwanted movement.

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