While data security is on everyone's mind in this day and age, it is still important for a business to protect their office and physical assets. After all, if a company office is compromised, not only are valuables lost, but so is trust. Customers and employees need to feel safe – once a building has succumbed to a burglary, that bad mark lingers and it takes time to build up confidence again.

Fortunately, small offices won't have to break the bank in order to obtain reliable, robust and responsive security equipment.

Eyes open when the office is closed
Surveillance cameras are a small business's best friend. These tools are not just a way to capture acts that happen when the office is empty, they also act as a deterrent for any criminals that get the wrong idea. Now, security cameras are more effective than ever, as they can be linked to a user's smart phone remotely. In this way, managers can keep an eye on the office when they are away and deal with possible break-in attempts by notifying the local police.

The New Jersey police department is making good use of surveillance cameras – much in the same way a small business could use them. According to The Daily Journal, south Jersey police have implemented high-tech cameras in a variety of neighborhoods. The wireless devices link directly to the police headquarters with live feeds of the area. Police can also adjust their positions on a daily basis, keeping criminals guessing about where they will be spotted.

"The old conventional ways of tying the cameras to poles for life is over," Tamer Zakhary, owner of the camera's producer PackeTalk LLC, told The Daily Journal. "We have a nimble approach to public safety."

The future of locks
Designers are dreaming up ways to leverage mobile technology and smart devices as ways to provide door access – giving the standard deadbolt a run for its money. Daily Record reviewed Yale's new "real living" locks – a system that includes a touchpad that tells the user who used it last, can be programmed to lock and unlock automatically and can even sync to a smart phone or email.

Small businesses could use a system like this when several people have to access the building during off-hours without making many unnecessary key copies. This technology would also make it easier to track who accessed the building in case any assets go missing.

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