With all the recent focus on cyber security, hackers, cloud vulnerability and email fraud, it can be easy for a small business to overlook the basic security measures needed for the actual building. Installing security cameras around entrances and the interior performs the dual function of deterring burglars from entering and revealing their identity afterward.

Small business owners should take measures to ensure that breaches do not go unnoticed by investing in at least one of several types of alarms.

Cameras catch thieves from without and within
Thieves are not only outsiders – the U.S. Chamber of Commerce estimates employees themselves account for $20 billion to $40 billion in theft a year. Additionally, the data revealed that employees are 15 times more likely to steal from a company than non-employees, while 75 percent of employee-related thefts go undetected. By installing a security camera, you will either deter thieves or catch them in the act.

Police Chief Jan Noble of Belvedere, Illinois, described this tactic to Inc. Magazine: "Sometimes employees who shoplift simply carry brand-new merchandise to the trash Dumpster outside the back door during a working day. After dark, they drive up to the Dumpster to load the merchandise into their car."

Use of a camera would neutralize this activity.

Alarm systems have several benefits
Even if the door has a sufficient lock, that will not prevent some burglars from smashing in windows or prying off door hinges. In such events, it is imperative to have an alarm in place to deter the thief, call attention to the area and notify the authorities.

With that said, different companies have different needs, according to Business 2 Community. Those that operate at night may want to invest in security cameras to monitor employee activity, and ensure thievery does not occur from within. Those with valuable goods, like a jewelry store, might want to use a loud and bright alarm to scare off the burglar and attract as much attention to the area as possible. Convenience stores or buildings with clerks may want to install a silent alarm that can be used to notify the police unbeknownst to the intruder.

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