Internet and mobile technology have the potential to affect nearly every aspect of any person's day-to-day routine. From checking in on friends through social media apps, following the news on RSS feeds or monitoring health with fitness trackers, smart technology is changing how industries interact with their consumers. 

The same is true for the security industry. The rise of "smart home" technology – the integrated, mobile-based control of a home's functions – is changing the way people manage everything from the temperature of their thermostat to their personal security systems. 

Security's role in smart home tech
Much of the appeal of mobile technology is the convenience that it provides for its users. Smart home security applications allow a person to monitor their home when he isn't even there, adding an important level of comfort and safety while on vacations or long business trips. According to Security Sales and Integration, this technology also helps cut down on the number of false alarms that go to police. Home owners can receive security alerts to their phones first so they may stop a call to the authorities in the case of false alarms. For example,  if a family member accidently enters the home without properly turning off the security system before going inside. 

While smart technology can do anything from opening the garage door to recording a TV show, security programs are one of the biggest driving forces behind smart home advances, reports Security Info Watch.

"Moving forward, smart security is only going to get larger and find its way into more people's homes, especially because of the obvious benefit to consumers," said Sean Blankenship, chief marketing officer of Coldwell Banker.

With the success of smart home security, more consumers will be looking to add this feature to aspects of their surveillance needs.

Smart home technology allows users to access security information anywhere.Smart home technology allows users to access security information anywhere.

Smart home technology for businesses
This technology is beneficial for retailers and other businesses to help monitor and track their security systems. The market for these programs will expand across industries. For security and surveillance companies to remain competitive, they will need to expand their products to incorporate the high-demand smart home technology.

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