A small business may have a few employees and a simple, low-key building, but it can still be a big target for criminals looking for a quick payout. Thieves operate on the assumption that small companies have weak security systems, that they will garner less attention than high-profile offices and that their valuables will be easier to acquire.

That's why small business owners should take every possible precaution with their building protection, according to Staples, and it starts with deterrence. A reinforced building can guard against many break-ins, but even the strongest lock will succumb to the proper force. However, a business can scare away most threats simply by showing off its network of defense.

Visible cameras provide psychological hindrance
Many offices swear by hidden cameras to reveal intruders. On the interior and around valuable assets, that is a logical choice. Anyone attempting a robbery – especially employees themselves – will be more likely caught and identified if they do not make an attempt to hide from a camera they are unaware of. But as for the exterior of the building, placing the camera in plain sight could give a burglar pause. There is something unsettling about having the camera pointed at you – it makes a person think twice about his or her actions.

It isn't so much about the function of catching a person in the act of breaking in – the interior cameras are better suited for that. It is the psychological barrier provided by the mere presence of an exterior camera. And if an intruder makes an attempt to alter the camera, an employer can arm it with its own alarm system that will set off at the onset of tampering.

Giving a loud and clear warning
Often, windows and doors of buildings will display stickers announcing the presence of an armed alarm system linked to the local police. This alone can be enough to turn away thieves, deciding that the risk outweighs the reward. In some cases, the sticker is false advertisement – there may be no alarm at all, and the sticker is just a decoy. Of course, a small business should have an alarm system as well. But that just shows how effective a clear warning can be.

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