Small businesses have a growing number of tools at their disposal to ensure their buildings and staff remain safe and sound at all times. The advancement of mobile technology and new devices have potential unlike anything before seen and companies would be wise to determine whether they could be a fit for the office.

Building security gets lost in the focus on mobile data security, hackers and other digital threats. In reality, these two fields are merging – now, companies can use their mobile devices to protect themselves from live dangers.

"Now, companies can use their mobile devices to protect themselves from live dangers."

Wearable device is a hands-free alarm system
When an individual is assaulted – be it in the street, on a run or in the store – he or she may be unable to make any sudden moves or reach for help. In the face of a life-or-death situation, the ability to reach for an alarm or signal is essential. Now, a group has developed a wearable device that addresses that exact need, reported Entrepreneur.

An Arizona couple launched a startup called First Sign and invented a wearable gadget called the Mace Wear Pod that recognizes an attack, sounds a loud alarm and contacts authorities.

"We decided to design a wearable that would automatically trigger a loud alarm and call for help, hands-free, a violent attack or a sexual assault," A.J. Emanuele, one of the inventors, told Entrepreneur. "That way the user doesn't have to do anything but enjoy their run or other activity and they're still protected."

Businesses might use these devices as an extra line of defense against armed robbers.

Office security gets an IoT makeover.Office security gets an IoT makeover.

Bluetooth to function with mesh
CSR, the company that helped to invent Bluetooth, also developed a technology called CSRmesh – something that allows users to group together large numbers of smart devices under the same umbrella, like smart light bulbs, according to Gigaom. But now Bluetooth and mesh are poised to integrate, allowing users better access to their Internet of Things and smart devices.

What that means is homeowners and business managers can use smart locks to greater effect, gaining more control over where and when they have access to the technology. Additionally, new developments from CSR will provide more battery life and responsiveness to accompanying smart devices.

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