Nothing beats a security camera when it comes to keeping an eye on your home or your business. The newest surveillance technology can offer a greater range of vision and nearly endless recording durations, guaranteeing protection. Learning about security camera best practices can dissuade intruders from trespassing on your property or hacking your systems. Before buying a set of surveillance cameras, however, take a second to review the steps necessary for truly secure monitoring.

"Change any factory setting that restricts or allows access to your security network."

Password unprotected
Isn't the whole point of a top-of-the-line security system that it's for your eyes only? No one besides you, your family or a select group of coworkers should have access. Unfortunately, accidentally granting permission for anyone to peek through your cameras can be as easy as checking the Internet.

According to an NBC report, whole industries have cropped up around the idea of selling security system passwords. Hackers look up camera information on certain websites to gain access and see everything your cameras can see by utilizing boilerplate usernames and passwords. After installing your system, immediately change any and all factory settings that restrict or allow access to your network. Symantec recommends choosing a password that doesn't involve foreign or backward words as these are actually much easier for hackers to crack than one might think. Instead, try including a symbol or a mnemonic device. For instance, while the password "jfmamjjasond" might be tricky for a cybercriminal to figure out, all you need to remember this code is the months of the year – January, February, March… 

Make sure you're the only one watching by taking extra precautions.Make sure you're the only one watching by taking extra precautions.

Don't forget the forgettable places
Planning where to mount cameras around your property isn't rocket science. You already know. Place them near any access point around the house or building, in the reception area, the sales floor and any place where you keep valuable products or equipment you'd rather not have strangers tampering with.

A1 Security Cameras says don't ignore everywhere else though, especially if your property has a dumpster in an adjacent alley. These are the places people might not expect cameras to be, after all, and planting a few nearby could help stop vandalism or undesirables loitering in the shadows.

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