Small businesses may not always have the means to compete with their larger competitors in all aspects of production. However, even the smallest factors such as a simple logo shouldn't be forgotten, as they can help even the playing field and increase overall competitive advantage.

Logos build brand
According to Endurance International Group's latest survey of small businesses, the lack of an advertising budget has prevented many from having a logo, which can be a deceptively important factor in drawing customers to a business.

As many as 15 percent of very small businesses (with five or fewer employees) have no logo at all, while more than half of all of them admitted to designing their own logos.

"A standout logo and impressive Web presence are important parts of building a brand even at the very early stages of building a business," said Endurance executive vice president Michael Kesselman in a press release. He noted that it's easier than ever for companies to add a logo, which can make it simpler for them to establish a brand and connect with new audiences no matter the direction taken.

More affordable than expected
A report about the upcoming app Modern Connect shows just how much of an improvement having a logo can be in the modern day for businesses. Not only can the app help deliver a new and effective logo for these businesses, but it can also help build advertising campaigns for smaller budgets. What's more, the app itself can be very inexpensive depending on audience demands, with its most basic plan starting at just $100 per month.

The strength of the app shows just how simple building a new advertising presence and brand connection can be in the current market. With just a few minutes and a small amount of funding, business owners can now use modern Web tools for impeccable design that can go in the exact direction they intend. They'll also be able to build new and improved strategies that will assist them in using their intended logo design to further build and expand awareness of their strengths.

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