Technology is constantly trending toward enhanced speed, consolidation and mobility – we want to access information quickly, in one place, and on the go. That sounds like a tall order, but more and more devices that do exactly that emerge every year.

One upshot of the movement is its effect on the workplace. More specifically, it allows employees to work from the comfort of their living room through the use of mobile devices, VoIP and webcams. Not all companies offer a work from home option, but many do and it is becoming increasingly common. Individuals value the time they gain by avoiding a morning and afternoon commute, the freedom and comfort and the money saved by eating in. On the other side, businesses have found that telecommuters often make good workers as they uphold their end of the bargain.

For small businesses, providing a work from home alternative and investing in the necessary technology can lead to a happier and more productive workforce.

A variety of tech to choose from
There is no use in letting employees work from home if they have no way of accessing their clients and coworkers. That's why small businesses should supply the devices and programs required to make telecommuting possible.

According to Macworld, there are several ways to implement a sensible work from home strategy. Apps like LogMeIn, Back to my Mac and GoToMeeting allow users to access their desktop remotely. In other words, an individual sitting on his or her laptop at home can interface with his or her entire office computer, which is particularly helpful if there are files stored there that the employee needs to use. These programs also give workers the ability to enter company meetings from anywhere either through a voice over internet connection or a webcam, so they won't miss a beat.

The benefits of telecommuting
A recent study revealed that working from home can actually lead to increased productivity and a happier employee, reported News Bureau of the University of Illinois. Study author Ravi Gajendran conducted the research after Yahoo banned telecommuting in 2013 and sparked a debate on the issue. He found that employees improved their task-based performance and became better company citizens.

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