There's no question that businesses interested in expanding their overall markets should want to adopt services like Facebook in their advertising approaches. According to The Del Marva Daily Times, based in Maryland, 20 percent of all time spent on mobile devices, in other words smartphones and tablets, is used for Facebook. This means that businesses already have a captive market for their wares and can easily appeal to shoppers' interests.

Any market can be reached
The news source interviewed both Facebook officials and owners of companies, all of whom have extolled the virtues of using the service. Dan Levy, Facebook's director of global small business, said that the platform is increasingly engineered to help smaller businesses drive real market results, helping them expand their visibility over time. By doing so, they may further update the website's technology and functionality, driving traffic into storefronts and toward company applications.

No matter how niche a market may be, there's no question that better appealing to its audience can be done simply just by using the service. One small business leader whose company produces premium ice chests for fishermen and hunters has noticed that his clients are surprisingly available and open on Facebook, using the service two to three hours every day.

Meeting a specific market
The Next Web reported that Facebook advertising goes even further, allowing companies to set up ads specifically how they want them. For instance, when an ad initially goes up, Facebook will provide a number of options that can help target specific audiences. Clicks to websites, inviting conversation and even putting up offers can be the target of any specific post, adding a new level of interactivity and accessibility for businesses.

It's even possible for businesses to target where exactly in the news feed they want their ads to appear. They can appeal to potential clients through larger, more expensive posts directly in the center of users' pages, or they can shift their ads to the side if they're so inclined. It's even possible to target ads to specific interests and spur user interaction with similar pages, all of which can heavily improve the average attempt at advertising.

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