There's no doubt that owning and operating a small business can be a tall order. With few days off and large financial investments, it would make sense for almost any owner to struggle with their decision to start their own company. However, a recent study found that few operators have regrets, and another shows that there may be a new in-road for them to improve their standing.

Many would do it all again
More than 80 percent of all United States small business owners would do it all again if they had the chance, according to a recent Gallup poll. This is nothing but a positive trend, and while this ideal has not changed often in the past decade, it shows overwhelming confidence and support for small businesses in the near future. 

That said, the poll data over the past decade shows that there's an even better trend that has arisen, which gives the future of small businesses even more hope. This year's 84 percent of owners showing support is the highest tracked figure since 2009. The number of owners who would do something else, which stood as high as 20 percent in 2009 during the Great Recession, has fallen down to 13 percent. That's the lowest figure seen since 2008.

When it comes to the reasons small business owners love their operations, the primary one is their ability to be their own boss. About 42 percent of respondents noted how their independence and status as the main decision maker supporting their choice. Pride in their work, flexible work schedules and working with customers were also highly rated reasons.

New avenues inspiring further hope
These businesses have more avenues for success, and new technology is released every day to help meet that goal. That much is known in regard to a recent study that found 82 percent of small businesses believe the Internet of Things, otherwise known as the increasingly interconnected network of Internet-functional devices, will help them gain new opportunities in the business climate, eWeek reported.

Many saw opportunities in both the speed of service and level of customer satisfaction they can offer. More than 65 percent of respondents had faith that increased and faster access to information would be found, and another 56 percent believed it would help customer satisfaction.

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