As mobile visibility becomes increasingly necessary for the success of a company, small businesses should be aware of their options. Building a mobile app is certainly worth investigating, but some businesses will find the initial cost to be off-putting. Fortunately, there are other avenues available to companies looking for their first foray into mobility.

Apple Maps to offer business listings
In 2012, Apple CEO Tim Cook apologized for Apple Maps' flaws, according to Engadget. The program was inaccurate, hard to read and, in general, not the best navigation option. But Cook promised to improve the app and now Apple Maps offers Maps Connect, which allows business owners to create listings and enhance their online presence.

Maps Connect can cut out the middle man and let small businesses take control of their listings, which would guarantee accurate, updated information. Owners can link to Facebook, Yelp and other pages – including their own websites. In this way, a small business can gain visibility, drive visits to its web pages as well as its actual store, and have a stepping stone to a full-fledged mobile app.

If the technology catches on, Apple may spread its strategy across other platforms and apps, giving small businesses more flexibility to grow their mobile identities.

Technology helps businesses manage money
Mobile technology is not just a benefit for business advertising and client-facing. Apps like Sage One from Sage North America can also help small business owners crunch numbers and manage accounts, according to CPA Practice Advisor.

In the Sage U.S. SMB Survey on Mobile Devices, 70 percent of small businesses claimed mobile technology had a positive effect on customer service, while 51 percent said they used a mobile device to remotely view work information. Sage One can consolidate a company's invoices, financing, bank accounts and other fiscal information for easy access from anywhere.

"To have the flexibility to work from my mobile device, anytime? Well, that's invaluable; not only to me, but for my clients," small business owner Christina Aldan told the news source. "The Sage One mobile app will allow me to become more efficient and meet increasing client demands."

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