Small businesses will have a better chance of success if they follow prevailing trends often found in most industries. One major example of this will only continue to become more prominent in the future, and preparing for it ahead of time will be a great way for businesses to improve their standing in the market.

Remote work growing
According to Tech Cocktail, more than 6.1 million individuals in the United States can currently be called remote workers, which means they're either self-employed, work for an organization exclusively over the Internet, or operate both outside and inside the office. There are a number of reasons why this trend is only becoming more prevalent, including the increased flexibility and cost-savings that the service provides for both employers and employees. Companies no longer need to furnish full work stations for their workers, while employees don't need to worry about costly or frustrating commutes.

Companies with the means should definitely look into improving their use of this practice, because of its ability to make talent more accessible. The news source noted that online work removes the need for a company to pay for relocation or training for a worker, and the added value of flexibility is highly enjoyed by workers, which makes them more likely to remain happy and consistent in their positions.

How to implement in small businesses
The benefits in using remote work shouldn't be limited to just large employers. Small businesses can find success if they follow certain guidelines, ZDNet said. Initial efforts should be on a test basis and only with trusted employees. Assuming remote workers have the right supplies to get them on track, the news source recommended making them come into the office once per week and to have regular teleconferencing meetings with in-office workers as well. This helps lessen any feelings of isolation or alienation that may otherwise arise.

From there, any problems that may arise can be taken care of, as long as they don't affect the business. One key piece of advice is to keep the remote workers' in-office infrastructure up to ensure that potential issues won't prevent them from performing as well as they can.

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