There may be no better time than the present to be a small business. Despite a recent recession, constant naysayers surrounding economic policies and global financial strife, the U.S. is now quite a good place to be a company with a handful of employees. Small businesses themselves only reinforce this assertion with a level of optimism not seen in years.

Small business confidence grows
Not only is small business in the U.S. healthy, it's happy, too. A new survey from human resources service provider Insperity indicated small business optimism has reached its highest level in a year, reported the Fort Mill Times. Eighty-seven percent of small companies surveyed expect to match or surpass their 2014 performance, 50 percent of employers are adding staff compared to 31 percent in October, and 41 percent plan to boost employee earnings as opposed to 23 percent in October.

"The positive economic view for 2015 that business owners suggested in our October Business Confidence Survey was solidly confirmed in their January survey responses," Paul J. Sarvadi, Insperity chairman and chief executive officer, said in the survey. "By instituting plans to add employees, increase compensation levels and improve sales, they are acting on that optimism."

In order to grow business, companies listed several goals. The ones that occurred most often were selling new accounts, providing better service to existing accounts, introducing new products or services and working with vendors to increase margins.

New tools help small businesses thrive
For companies looking for new ways to grow their brand, online tools can help out in a variety of fashions, Huffington Post reported. The ability to gather, track and trend data is of particular use in this day and age. New applications provide that insight.

Once a basic task management app, Trello has grown beyond those borders. Now, the platform lets its users manipulate a wide variety of content for teams of nearly any size. For companies venturing into the world of SEO, Site Checkup is a user-friendly tool that can offer professional-grade feedback on a long list of website facets. There are many more tools like these available to small businesses seeking ways to enhance commerce in 2015.

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