Small business surveys continue to shine light on how leaders throughout the country see the current market of the economy. While one recent survey found that the economy in 2014 will hold promise, another showed that despite this optimism, businesses need to ensure they remain as efficient as possible without overlooking important areas.

​Optimism rising as year progresses
ABL Advisor reported that a recent economic survey from Union Bank saw increased layoffs in 2013, but bright attitudes coming into the next year. About 26 percent of businesses reported maintaining their same staffing and capital expenditure expectations, while only 6 percent of them expected to anticipate layoffs in the coming year.

While the number of entrepreneurs seeing the economy moving in a negative fashion outnumbers those thinking positively, their numbers were made much more even. Around 41 percent of business leaders thought the economy is on the right track, which is up 10 points from 2013 and 16 points from 2012. What's more, 49 percent of respondents felt their specific states were making good economic decisions, a rise of 8 percent from 2013 and 15 percent from 2012.

Among different industries, professional services experts were the most optimistic, with faith in the country and the state at 51 percent and 62 percent, respectively. Both of these figures were up double digits from the previous years. Less optimistic were leaders in personal services, such as auto repair. The survey saw about 63 percent of respondents losing faith in their state economy and 72 percent in the national economy. 

Mobile sites not accounted for
One way businesses can remain more active in the market comes from The Drum, which found recent reports claiming that more than 90 percent of small business websites aren't accessible from mobile platforms. In a survey of more than 500 small businesses, it was also found that only two-thirds of leaders could update their information. About half reported using social media for business promotion, while a small 18 percent of websites were ready for search engine optimisation.

The problems with this news are only compounded when looking into user traffic. More than 50 percent of new user views come from mobile platforms, making it essential for mobile to be considered in the future.

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