Small businesses are seeing an increased resurgence of revenue so far in 2014, with multiple studies finding that many have seen growth ranging from profit margins to paying loans.

Fox Business reports that the latest survey from the National Association of Businesses Economics found that 63 percent of surveyed small business leaders reported rising sales of goods or services in their daily business. That was an increase of 21 percent over the last survey taken of the industry taken in October, while only 9 percent of owners saw sales fall from the last survey, a decrease of 3 percent.

Employment in the near future is expected to remain the same. About 27 percent of companies said they increased employment in the fourth quarter, and plans for the near future weren't entirely promising. The news source said that 37 percent of companies planned to add staff in the next six months, which was even from the previous quarter.

Government news isn't affecting these employers, however. The NABE survey found that neither the Affordable Care Act nor the Federal Reserve's practice of scaling back purchases of bonds will likely affect the majority of companies. Respectively, 75 percent said the healthcare plan doesn't change their plans, while the Federal Reserve's plans won't have any changes on as many as 94 percent of spending plans.

Loan payments improving
Another bright spot for many small businesses comes from their bill payments, according to Small Biz Trends. Multiple reports from Moody's and Thomson Reuters saw that credit rates and bills paid in the small business sector were having less of an effect on business success. Moody's found that there were substantial declines in multiple business credit delinquency rates during 2013, further improving rates that bottomed out in 2011.

On a longer-term basis, Thomson Reuters also found that small business credit payments increased heavily over the 2013 calendar year, with failures to pay dropping by about a fifth of a percent. Long-term payment issues have plummeted from their peak nearly five years ago in September 2009.

As well, the Credit Research Foundation saw the effectiveness of payments rise more than two points. All of this news is very promising for the near future.

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