Among small businesses in the new year, many leaders are likely looking to make changes to their current processes. According to recent surveys, those changes are likely to come from attempts to grow annual revenue, while others are working to improve their mobile banking abilities.

Fox Business reports that a recent survey from Constant Contact found that of the new year's resolutions many small business owners set annually, the top goal has been to improve their yearly revenue levels. The second most popular choice for change that many adopt is to run their businesses more efficiently, which has been specifically chosen by 18 percent of respondents.

Other successful pledges that have been successful for small business leaders in the past have focused on aspects of their operations that could directly improve daily productivity. These have included attempts to blog more, create better marketing plans and ask for more help in their daily practices. Experts told the news source that making smaller, more achievable resolutions each day can help business owners reach more beneficial overarching goals such as the aforementioned focus on revenue improvements.

Mobile banking a new demand
In particular, one area of business most owners want to improve is in their access to mobile banking services, according to American Banker. Two-thirds of small business owners surveyed said that if a competitor to their current bank had better mobile access and features, they would fully make the switch. However, they aren't seeing this accessibility from many financial institutions. Almost 40 percent of bankers neglected to mention their mobile accessibility, surveyed owners said.

When it comes to making decisions about banks, business owners keep personal connections and building rapport with them and other clients in consideration as their most important demand. The best-scored banks among customers received their scores for having workers listen to clients' needs and giving clear reasons why they're a better match than their competition would be.

As many as 90 percent of business owners were able to make their decisions based on their bankers' proactive natures. If asked for contact information, that percentage would make a deal with the bank in question, while only 62 percent who would not receive that courtesy would commit.

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