Excitement over the improving economy across the United States in 2014 continues to be visible across various surveys, many of which are showing positive results over recent months and even years.

According to Money News, the latest National Federation of Independent Business survey saw small business optimism up from December, though not by as much as experts would want to see from the time frame. 

The most notable improvement in December's figures saw owners being optimistic about their own sales, with a seven-point jump in expectations for the near future, which would hopefully allow for an increase in hiring. However, many owners have reported that their inventories are too high, a trend currently limiting sales and earnings and potentially putting a chill on that hiring optimism.

"Employment starts 2014 over a million below its peak in January 2008," said NFIB chief economist Bill Dunkelberg, who added that any hiring would likely be relatively minor in the near future. Political uncertainty as the 2014 midterm elections slowly become visible over the horizon will likely prevent the market from seeing especially marked improvement over the next few months.

Additional survey more bullish on hiring
Meanwhile, another confidence survey is pushing closer toward hiring improvement and pay levels, according to Insperity. The survey sees 2014 including a more positive economic outlook, with about 50 percent of respondents expecting to hire in the near future, an improvement over recent results from October, which only saw 26 percent expecting similar results, and July, when 40 percent reported hiring increases. Layoff percentages also fell from October to January, with figures dropping from 5 to 3 percent.

At the same time, businesses are expecting to at least match their production levels from 2013 in the early goings of the year. About 92 percent of respondents predict they'll meet or exceed their performances in 2014, which is up from only 68 percent in October. The number of business leaders expecting a market improvement is on the rise as well. About 38 percent saw the current performance representing an economic comeback, up 12 percent from October, while 24 percent are predicting the rebound to take place later in 2014.

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