From Lady Gaga bumping into Leonardo DiCaprio at the Golden Globes to countless videos of adorable children, Vine attracted billions of views and created several of its own celebrities. But that’s all over now, with Twitter shutting down the social media platform in the coming months. This week’s Trending on Thursday examines what this all means for your small business and whether Twitter may be the next to go. We also provide tips for conquering Cyber Monday, explain how you can leverage Facebook Live, and detail some easy tips for living healthy.

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  1. Last week, a grand experiment came to an end. With its own future increasingly uncertain, Twitter said it would shut down Vine’s mobile app sometime in the next few months. And while existing Vines will remain on the web, a media format that had become beloved for its versatility now appears headed the way of Betamax. To understand exactly why Twitter made this move and what it means for your small business, read this insightful The Verge article by Casey Newton. Newton interviewed Ankur Thakkar, who was Vine’s head of editorial from 2014 until May of this year, who said, “A couple of things plagued Vine, and it all stems from the same thing, which is a lack of unity and leadership on a vision.”
  1. If you operate a small business, it can be easy to think Cyber Monday is solely in the domain of massive internet retailers. However, any business can take advantage of Cyber Monday to boost holiday sales. Even though you might not be able compete with the enormous marketing budgets put forth by the largest online retailers, you can use Business 2 Community’s Brian Morris’ Cyber Monday marketing tips for small businesses to reach your target audience in a cost-effective way that earns you more than your fair share of sales.
  1. trendingnov32Facebook Live has become increasingly popular for both its users and business pages. But what exactly is this platform and how can your small business leverage it? Melinda Emerson, the SmallBizLady, interviewed Christian Karasiewicz, the CEO and Founder of Social Chefs, to get a better idea of what exactly this platform is used for and the best ways to ensure your small business gets the maximum impact out of it.
  1. Advertising can bring you quick success. That’s the reason it’s still in vogue and will continue to be so. According to Small Biz Trends’ William Johnson, small businesses need to shrug off the preconceived notion that advertising is uber-expensive. For example, getting started with Facebook ads costs only $50. Check out Johnson’s guide to making sure your small business is getting the most of your advertising budget.
  1. While there’s no doubt big goals are incredibly important, it’s the little things that keep us going day to day. Have you ever found yourself wondering what successful people do every day that you’re missing out on? Check out Inc.’s Bill Murphy Jr.’s seven exercises to keep you strong, successful and moving. The most important one? Don’t be too shy to ask for help.