So just about everyone is on LinkedIn. But where is the massively popular business-networking platform headed? This week’s Trending on Thursday explains how LinkedIn plans on getting much more involved in its user’s business lives, and we debunk some classic small business myths, provide tips for staying focused at the office and explain in medical terms why you need some extra shut eye tonight.

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  1. TrendingJuly28(1)More than a decade after its humble beginnings, LinkedIn has become the unchallenged social network for professionals worldwide. With 433 million members in 200+ countries, LinkedIn is an undisputed sales and marketing powerhouse for B2B-themed interactions. According to Inc.’s John Nemo, LinkedIn’s stated goal from 2014 tells a lot about its future plans. It states, “Beginning the next decade of LinkedIn, we sought to create a map of the digital economy, its participants, and every facet of opportunity linking these nodes together.” The key here is the phrase “every facet of opportunity,” which Nemo says means the company wants its hands in seemingly “every facet of opportunity” that exists in the business world right now.
  1. There are lots of myths in the small business and cybersecurity world. Too often, TJ Trent at CSO hears “we are too small to get attacked” or “we don’t have anything they want.” My favorite is “we cannot afford to dedicate resources to cyber security.” A recent study revealed 10 facts that dispel these myths and many others, which include some surprising statistics about password strength and the importance of leadership.
  1. TrendingJuly28(2)You had the idea, you worked the 80-hour weeks and you laid the foundation. Now, you have employees, you have product lines, and you may even have multiple locations. You’ve made it. But how do you stay here? How do you stay ahead of the competition, keep innovating and remain successful? Austin McChord, founder and CEO of Datto, recently penned an article for Entrepeneur detailing what his company is doing to ensure they don’t get too comfortable and constantly move forward.
  1. Do you ever find yourself getting sucked into email discussions, Facebook and Twitter when you should be doing work? If this rings true for you, you’re not the only one: a new study found email and social media are among the top distractions for today’s professionals. Camille Mason at Business News Daily has some helpful solutions including computer applications that block certain websites and tips for getting into a different rhythm.
  1. Although the old adage “you snooze, you lose” has its merits, new thought leadership proves that more times than not, you actually win when you snooze. 50 years of sleep science supports that getting fewer than 7-8 hours of sleep per night on a regular basis is damaging to our health, brain function, mood, and relationships – all of which are necessary for a small business owner to thrive. Now, this may not sound like earth-shattering news, but you should check out Jared Hecht at the Huffington Post’s medical facts to motivate you to either go to sleep a little earlier tonight or wake up just a little later.