For small business owners and entrepreneurs, fall can be one of the most stressful and time-consuming times of the year. This week’s Trending on Thursday kicks off with a guide to help ensure you and your business remain successful while still maintaining a healthy personal life. We also provide advice for content marketing, tips for hiring the best employees, and an outlook on emerging, disruptive technologies.

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  1. trendingsep81Maintaining peak performance at work is often stressful and demanding. Responsibilities and deadlines can easily bleed over into a team member’s personal life. And the result can be anything from health problems to burnout to job dissatisfaction. It’s in every small business owner’s best interest to ensure both they and their team are healthy, energetic and engaged in order to surpass company goals and maintain top productivity. Firas Kittaneh has shared his six secrets to achieve this delicate but successful work-life balance.
  1. Content marketing is an important part of keeping a small business growing. It can help you build credibility and authority, win better positioning in search engine results, and develop important relationships with your actual and potential customers. The main problem for most small businesses is producing content at a consistent rate. There is so much to do when you’re trying to get a new business off the ground or take a semi-established small company to the next level. Business News Daily’s Tabitha Jean Taylor has some great tips for small business owners to save time on developing engaging content.
  1. Hiring top talent is one of the most difficult tasks for small business owners. Whether you’re building out your sales team or your staff in general, the quality of your small business team can determine your company’s success. To ensure that you put together the best possible group of employees, Small Business Trends’ Annie Pilon has produced a list of team building tips, which include creating a modern, appealing company culture and leveraging proven employee retention techniques.
  1. As small business owners and entrepreneurs, you may have been feeling somewhat neglected in the current political environment. Nitin Nohria, a Harvard Business School professor, recently penned an op-ed for the Wall Street Journal detailing why the presidential candidates, and politicians in general, should give more time to discussing issues that matter to small businesses.
  1. New technology announcements usually follow the same pattern. There’s a breakthrough, a flurry of press coverage touting successes, a bunch of failures that ultimately contribute to disillusionment, then people start to understand the technology more, and it goes mainstream. To help you stay ahead of what’s coming, Inc.’s Tess Townsend has compiled a list of the 34 most disruptive technologies arriving in the next decade.