For the past decade, many people have dreamed of launching a “startup unicorn,” such as Uber or Snapchat. But this is, more often than not, unfeasible. Instead, as this week’s Trending on Thursday points out, more people should focus on opening small businesses that will still generate considerable revenue and have a big impact on local communities. We also provide tips for staying productive, take a look at the biggest social media fails of the year (so far) and detail the best features of Apple’s latest free software update.

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  1. trendingsep291We all want to do important things, work on important products, start important companies and accomplish tasks that could change the world and have an enormous impact. But according to the Observer’s Jon Westenberg, you need to ask yourself an important questions before diving into a new business or idea: “Will it scale?” Westenberg says this will determine whether you should start a small business or go for the unicorn tech startup, arguing in favor of small businesses that focuses on simplicity and the people who make it successful.
  1. In a perfect world, our jobs would be so challenging and engaging that we’d show up, hunker down, get creative, and clock out without losing focus for even a minute. Unfortunately, we live in the corporate world, so distractions from a myriad of sources are simply part of the daily routine. In addition, workers are mostly left to their own devices (no pun intended) to balance productivity and daily breaks. To help us stay focused, Inc.’s Jeff Pruitt has provided some solutions to common time black holes that pull us away from being as productive as we could be.
  1. It may only be September, but the Internet never sleeps, and neither do the social media blunders. From the Justice Department accidentally tweeting that CNN is the “biggest troll of them all” to MTV Australia’s failed attempt at humor, there have been plenty of big “online oops” moments this year. Check out the full list compiled by Entrepreneur’s Lindsay Friedman.
  1. A new study lays bare the extent to which many small firms are pressed for cash. A recent article from Bloomberg’s Julie Verhage details how despite these companies’ small size, their share of the U.S. economy could have long-reaching effects on the economy. They account for roughly 50 percent of gross domestic product and more than 50 percent of new job creation – a metric that’s closely watched by the Fed in determining whether the economy can withstand a constriction in financing conditions.
  1. trendingsep293The new iOS 10 by Apple has been described by the company as its biggest release yet, and as an operating system with more personal, powerful and playful features. The good thing for small business owners is that the new features can drastically enhance the way you can run your business on your iPhone or iPad. Whether you are using the new iPhone 7 or any of the previous versions also supported by iOS 10, you should read Small Business Trend’s Michael Guta’s guide to understand and leverage all of the best new features that will make your business more productive.