Entrepreneurs and small business owners are bombarded with challenges every single day. In today’s Trending on Thursday, we share a few articles that provide thoughtful “how-to” commentary on a number of common issues, from preparing for the emotional ups and downs of owning a business to crafting the most effective elevator pitch.

Check out the trending articles, and let us know your thoughts in the comments thread.

Emotional Challenges

  1. No one ever said the life of an entrepreneur is easy. (If they did, you might want to check what they’re putting in their morning coffee.) In this helpful primer, Success.com outlines the five most common psychological challenges confronting those starting their own businesses.
  1. There’s no mistaking the crucial role that social media can play in driving brand recognition and increasing consumer engagement. If you’re looking for inspiration for your firm’s next social media campaign, check out Forbes contributor Steve Olenski’s examination of what he says are the three most successful campaigns conducted by businesses so far in 2015.
  1. With so many demands on their time, entrepreneurs and small business owners must be careful in the way they structure their days. Saying “no” to certain kinds of meetings can be difficult but is essential to being productive; the flip side is “a seemingly never-ending cycle of worthless meetings” that leave precious little space for vital “revenue-generating activities,” writes Adam Callinan for Entrepreneur.com. In this article, Callinan defines the four kinds of business meetings entrepreneurs must avoid.
  1. elevator-pitchYou never know when you’ll be presented with your next opportunity to reel in a new client. Maybe it will be at the local Starbucks or in your new fitness class. That’s why you need to have a finely honed elevator pitch ready. Jacqueline Whitmore details the seven characteristics of a successful pitch.
  1. Setbacks in business are as certain as the sun rising in the east. It’s how entrepreneurs react to these inevitable bumps in the road that determines whether they will be successful. Inc. has the lowdown on the worst ways business owners can respond to tough times.