#Smallbiz owners have focused their efforts on appealing to millennials for the past few years, but there’s a new workforce on the horizon, Generation Z. In the next five years, Gen Z will make up 20 percent of our workforce and in this week’s Trending on Thursday, we’ll help you prepare for this incoming group of workers. We’ve also also highlighted the best business podcasts of 2016, why you should consider quitting Facebook, and how you can build a work environment like Google and Twitter.

Check out all the trending #smallbiz news below and tell us what you do to cultivate a modern, appealing work culture.

  1. Ever wonder what the most profitable small business industries are? Lucky for us, Carolyn Sun at Entrepreneur has figured it out, with some help from Sageworks. According to Sun, being talented with numbers can really pay off if you’re looking to start a profitable business. Accounting and tax services takes the top spot on the list of the most profitable type of small business with a generous 18.4 percent net profit margin followed by real-estate services (15.2 percent), law firms (14.5 percent) and doctor’s offices (13 percent). Others include commercial and industrial machinery and equipment rental & leasing companies and religious organizations.
  1. TrendingFeb4(1)This may seem shocking, but a new generation is about to enter our workforce. No, not Millenials. “Generation Z” consists of young people who grew up during the recession, and they’re about to start looking for jobs. John Boitnott at Inc. says that in five years, Generation Z will constitute a fifth of the work force. This is a group of people that grew up with wireless technology, do not remember the VHS, or a world without Internet or wireless technology. As a whole, they have much to bring to the workforce and expect much back. Boitnott details what business owners can expect from Gen Z in this article.
  1. TrendingFeb4(2)There’s a wide range of consumers who listen to podcasts. Entrepreneurs rank high as a group, since tapping into a variety of perspectives and ideas from experts in different business fields is so easy and convenient using this platform. You can listen to podcasts as you sit in traffic, walk your dog, cook dinner or work out. Clearly, podcasts are extremely relevant in fast-paced business environments and Sujan Patel says these are five podcasts you cannot afford to miss out on this year.
  1. Like most entrepreneurs, Micah Solomon wears quite a few hats. Between being an author, customer experience consultant, customer service keynote speaker, trainer, and company president, he has to figure out how to get through enormous piles of work and he’s shared some advice in a recent Inc. article. For starters (you’re not going to like this), you should quit Facebook. Solomon says it’s a huge time suck and you should at least consider taking a vacation from the social media platform when you’re feeling particularly stressed. He also recommends turning off your Wi-Fi occasionally and rewriting your to-do list instead of adding to it.
  1. Leaders at some of the largest tech companies are trying to fix the biggest problem of the century: not enough time in the day. The folks at Twitter and Google believe that “business and our work environments are the cornerstone for not only transforming organizations, but ourselves,” according to Melissa Daimler, head of learning and organizational development at Twitter. Small companies can also integrate mindfulness into the work environment by having a formal learning process, offering variety, and encouraging and supporting community. Check out the full article at Fast Company.TrendingFeb4(3)