Not all small business owners are social media pros – and that’s ok. But it’s still important to stay up to date on what’s popular and try to leverage those tools to boost your own business’ standing. This week’s Trending on Thursday has a roundup of the latest developments in social media, including new rules for Twitter and tips for improving your presence on Instagram. We’ve also got the biggest myths about being a small business owner and stats on why Millennials may not be the most important generation.

Keep reading for this week’s trending #smallbiz roundup and let us know how you use social media to get ahead.

  1. TrendingMay19(1)Big social media news this week: Twitter will no longer count pictures or links in their 140-character limit. For years, Twitter users have complained about this restriction. According to a report in Bloomberg, Twitter will stop including photos and links in character counts, possibly within the next two weeks. URLs are automatically shortened by Twitter, but still eat up 23 characters. If the new character count policy is implemented, it will allow people to compose wordier tweets – but still be far less drastic than another change that Twitter reportedly deliberated earlier this year, which would have raised its limit to thousands of characters.
  1. What are the biggest misconceptions you’ve heard about being a small business owner? You’ve probably heard some starry-eyed stories about meteoric successes and you’ve probably heard some about the dreaded crash and burn failure. No matter what you hear, small business owners are always asked: Why do/did you want to own a business? Answers to this last question, unfortunately, often produce what Jim Blasingame call “The Myths of Small Business Ownership.”
  1. TrendingMay19(2)The Internet is everywhere – the mobile revolution has put the Internet into the hands of your customers anywhere, anytime. They browse day or night right on their smartphones or tablet devices. The fact that there are literally tens of millions of users active on places like Instagram means that as a small business you can gain not only insights, but leads and customers. Sally Falko with Business 2 Community says that, “with intelligent use of small business online marketing, you can expand your venture quickly.”
  1. Just about every recent article about managing employees is focused on the Millennials. It’s true that demographic is rapidly becoming the majority of the workforce, but if you’re putting all your focus on Millennial workers, you could be shortchanging your business. Rieve Lesonsky at Small Business Trends shares results from a new survey reports that Generation X workers are actually the most committed and engaged at work.
  1. Are you planning on taking a vacation this summer? If you’re a small business owner or entrepreneur, Tom Popomaronis thinks you absolutely should. He says a break actually could mean a whole lot of improvement in your business life – and shares four reasons why in this article for Inc. He says, when you leave, your employees will learn to be leaders. Additionally, by taking a vacation, you send the message to your employees that it’s okay to step back and relax, to have something aside from work in their lives.