As your small business winds down 2015, you’re probably trying to brainstorm some creative ideas for the New Year. This week’s Trending Thursday has some great ideas for small business owners to implement in 2016, including Twitter best practices, community sentiments of small businesses at a state-by-state level, and office productivity hacks.

Keep reading for all of this week’s trending news and let us know what your #smallbiz plan is for 2016.

  1. TrendingNov5(1)According to Jared Lindzon, workplace trends for 2016 will be set in large part by what’s happening in the freelance world right now. He says, “freelancers and independent employees need to stay ahead of future needs to ensure they are up to date with the most in-demand skills,” which therefore inform what the workplace will look like in the near future.
  2. Small business advocacy groups on the left often claim that the government has small business owners’ backs, while those on the right frequently say that our elected officials are hostile to small business. It turns out that both sides are right. In this article from Entrepreneur, Scott Shane analyzes what small businesses think about their state governments based on a survey from, which recently examined data from an online poll of more than 17,000 small business owners from across the United States.


  1. Rieva Lesonsky is preparing entrepreneurs for the holiday season. She’s got advice and information on who’s shopping on small business Saturday, the craziest business expenses, and optimizing your warehouse for maximum efficiency. Check out all her tips in this SmallBizDaily article.
  1. Twitter is more powerful than you think. You can build a follower base that allows you to share a focused stream of content that adds value to your followers’ daily lives. Through his personal experience on Twitter, Jeff Bullas, who has 337K followers, lists the ten commandments of the social media platform, including using a managing tool (such as TweetDeck) and ensuring that your bio description is meaningful.
  1. Between email, social media, texting and gossip, office productivity can be a fragile thing. How productive you and your team are during working hours has a direct impact on the quality of work you deliver. If your team is suffering from low productivity levels, something needs to change. But before making any rash moves, consider whether you can make some small effort/big impact tweaks to increase your productivity. Chelsea Segal has eight productivity hacks you should consider implementing in your office.