We all have bad habits- it’s what makes us human. However, #smallbiz owners can’t afford to continually make slip-ups in the workplace. This week we look at some of the most common bad habits small business owners struggle with, along with how to fix them. We also look at social media tools you should be implementing, how to come up with better ideas, and the worst social media blunders of 2016, so far.

Keep reading for all this week’s #smallbiz news and let us know how you overcome bad business habits.

  1. TrendingMarch17(1)We’re all prone to have some bad habits in our personal lives, and regardless of how much our family and friends may cringe at them, we shouldn’t allow them to have an impact on us at the office. However, some new small business owners may find their bad habits have seeped into their workplace. When this happens it’s not friends and family that are affected, it’s our employees and clients that are subject to them. This can lead to headaches and, unfortunately, may result in loss of business. David Kiger at Business 2 Community took a look at some of the most common bad habits small business owners may find themselves struggling with, and gave some advice on how to overcome them.
  1. Is it possible that you’ve been looking at your business with your “insider’s eyes” for so long that you simply aren’t seeing the simple, easy ways you could quickly increase profitability? David Finkel, author of Scale: Seven Principles to Grow Your Business and Get Your Life Back, has put together a list of his favorite five ways to increase your business’s profitability. He’s developed them over the past decade through his work with business coaching clients, and his tips include increasing pricing, controlling your single greatest cost (staffing), and improving your collections system.
  1. With the positive effects of social media marketing becoming more and more apparent, most small businesses have started working on a social media marketing strategy. One of the main aims of social media marketing is to stay relevant to your audience. This might be harder for small businesses as they have more to juggle, in terms of handling tasks. Social media tools and apps can help reduce the stress of multi-tasking and keep your social media activities consistent. Jessica Davis at Small Business Trends has shared seven social media tools for small business to help make your life as a social media marketer easier.


  1. All ideas are precious- until we let them walk away from us. It’s not until we abandon them, share them as a prototype or test them in the market that we understand their true value. Until then, we have no objectivity. Frankly, many of our ideas shouldn’t even make it to the prototype stage. It is quality control. In order to survive and innovate, you need to kill stagnant, albeit favorite ideas, because it’s the only way to make space for new potential avenues. Damon Brown at Inc has shared steps for perfecting this process, pointing out that your mediocre ideas will actually become the foundation (or as he puts it, “manure”) for your next brilliant breakthrough.
  1. We’re only three months into 2016, but the Internet never sleeps, and neither do the social-media blunders. From Coca-Cola to MTV to online fashion publications, Lindsay Friedman at Entrepreneur has shared some of the top “online oops” so far this year. The best way for your small business to avoid these is to learn from mistakes, we just hope you don’t make any as bad as these this year!