In this week’s edition of Trending on Thursday, we’re featuring pieces that encourage the #smallbiz community to take a summer vacation, incorporate Snapchat into marketing plans and quit multitasking.


Check out the articles and let us know if you’ll be making an effort to take some time off!

  1. Vacay“Americans are definitely workaholics,” according to a new survey by 60 Minutes and Vanity Fair. This news isn’t shocking, but more than half of adults questioned said that monitoring email from home was routine and 63% would rather get paid for leftover sick days than have time off for them.


  1. Maybe it’s time for a vacation. Small business owners especially should consider taking some time off this summer, according to Alyssa Gregory. This will prevent burnout, provide some inspiration for your work upon return, and empower your employees to take charge.


  1. SnapchatJeremy Goldman believes Snapchat can be a valuable tool for marketing your small business. If you have customers in the millennial market and want to specifically target women, the social media platform could be invaluable to your business as 71% of its 200 million active monthly users are under 25 and 7 in 10 are women.


  1. Want a 40% increase in productivity? According to Minda Zetlin all we have to do is quit multitasking. Check out her tips on how to “get off the multitasking treadmill” once and for all in her Inc. post.


  1. 67% of Americans have more confidence in small businesses than their larger counterparts. Are you doing all you can to leverage this goodwill? Michael Fertik has 4 ways to make sure your small business is “crushing it” in your local community.