For this edition of Trending on Thursday, we’re diving into stories that give you advice on increasing your small business’s longevity and give you an excuse to not work on the weekend (one excuse: increased productivity for the week).

Check out the articles and let us know what you’re doing to ensure your small business is thriving.

  1. Only 50 percent of small businesses make it to their fifth year. No need to panic if you’re only in year four; Peter Economy shares the four things small business owners should avoid to keep their businesses going.justdoit
  2. Does your small business have a definitive brand? Is it memorable and succinctly defined? Steve Strauss has five steps you can take to create an exceptional small business brand.
  3. If you’re looking to increase engagement on your small business’s Facebook page, create a meme. Elena Vakhromova shares that tip and more in her latest blog.


  1. Skinny Piggy BankAre you strapped for cash when it comes to marketing your small business? Susan Solovic shares 10 ways to market on a budget.


  1. We’ve all been victims of working on the weekend – and yes, the Sunday night prep counts as work. Next time you reach for your laptop, remember these 10 excuses to give yourself a break.