As summer ends, fall brings new challenges for entrepreneurs and small business owners. These challenges can be as small as figuring out where to sit during company meetings or as big as weighing the risks of new business opportunities. Luckily, this edition of Trending Thursday has you covered with helpful insights into some issues that are plaguing the small business world.

Check out our latest round up and let us know about the most agonizing decision you have to make in meetings!

  1. Trending9.3For some people, this can be the most agonizing part of meetings: Where do I sit?!? You don’t want to intimidate your employees by always sitting at the head of the table, but you also want to make sure you position yourself as a reliable leader when making important announcements to your team. Geoffrey James has some advice (and a chart) on where you should and should not sit in a conference room.
  1. Leaders of all types of businesses are looked to for guidance and clarity. Whether your company is on smooth seas or in the midst of turbulent times, your employees will emulate the way you conduct yourself. Jeff Boss has four fundamentals entrepreneurs need to know in order to become more effective and successful leaders.
  1. We’ve all heard about how millennials are affecting the consumer side of retail and marketing, but what about for business to business? Kathleen Glass has an in-depth analysis of how millennials are shaping the B2B market and what your company can do to adapt.
  1. Trending9.3_1David K. Williams has some advice for entrepreneurs: Mind Your Own Business. The owner of Fishbowl, a warehouse and manufacturing accounting website, says that the key to success is staying in your own lane (in your metaphorical Lamborghini). That way you will meet your own goals and do what you do better than anyone else.
  1. If you’re reading this blog, chances are you’re an entrepreneur. You’re used to some risk, but maybe you need some advice on the best ways to make sure your risks are measured and smart. Here’s a preview: by nature, risks are dangerous, so don’t take them hastily!