SocialLast week’s blog provided some tips on attracting top talent to small businesses, and this week, we have some thoughts on implementing those tips using social media platforms, specifically LinkedIn.

LinkedIn has over 300 million users and 4 million business pages. Yet only 17% of small businesses have pages on the platform. With such a large user base, small businesses need to embrace LinkedIn or risk being left behind.


See below for tips and advice on how to best utilize LinkedIn to recruit for small businesses:

Beef Up Company Page:

  • Any company’s page should reflect their overall brand and provide a unified experience for their audience
  • Use video and rich media in order to keep followers interested and promote shares and likes
  • Embed “follow” buttons in website, employee email signatures, and profiles
  • Don’t just post information related to your company – people like to see content relevant to the industry and community
  • Consider posting sponsored content to extend the page’s reach

Smart Sourcing for Candidates:Infographic

  • Learn how to use Boolean search terms such as AND, OR, NOT, and quotation marks in order to ensure that you are only seeing relevant candidates
  • Join LinkedIn Groups where candidates will congregate depending on what industry they work in
  • Engage profile viewers as they often are in the same industry and share connections
  • Small businesses should take advantage of younger candidates who tend to be more attracted to smaller companies by reaching out through university recruiting pages
  • Connect with passive as well as active candidates, as only 15% of all potential candidates on LinkedIn are “completely satisfied with their current role”

General Tips

  • Cold call attractive prospects – for example, calling CPA offices when looking for a new CFO – at worst, they’ll be flattered
  • Continue updating other social media platforms and websites as visitors to companies’ LinkedIn pages tend to visit related websites
  • Consider some of LinkedIn’s paid products (while $7000 a year for LinkedIn recruiter is a little steep, $20-$75 a month for LinkedIn Premium could be a calculated cost in finding the candidate with better credentials)
  • Finally, remember to use the tips from last week’s blog (hyperlink) in all these steps in order to demonstrate to candidates why working at a small business is better for them than getting lost in the bureaucracy of a large corporation