Trending2Small business loans have a reputation of being hard to come by, but recent data from the United States Small Business Administration suggest that small business owners may see a surge in loans in September.

This is great news for some small biz owners looking for capital, but some entrepreneurs may have a difficult time getting access to these loans. One demographic that has historically been on the low-end of small business loans is the African-American woman.

Even with African American women being touted as the fastest-growing group of entrepreneurs in America, the entire African-American community only receives about 2 percent of 7(A) Small Business loans – and that figure hasn’t shifted since 2010.

According to a recent report commissioned by American Express Open, titled “2015 State of Women Owned Business Report,” the number of businesses owned by African-American women grew 322 percent since 1997. Compared to overall growth of women-owned business, which grew by 74 percent between 1997 and 2015.

In 2014, Utah State University, Brigham Young University and Rutgers University business school professors conducted a study that found a simple explanation as to why minority entrepreneurs aren’t getting small business loans – discrimination.

So how does an African-American female entrepreneur work around the discrimination? She looks for alternative lending options.

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