Avision Technologies Finds Financing A Win-Win For Its Equipment Needs And Its Customers’

Avision Technologies is a full-service managed services provider and technology consulting firm. Founded in 2003, the Atlanta, Georgia-based company has customers around the globe, from sole proprietors to companies of 1,000+ employees. Avision’s customers come from a wide range of industries and businesses, including construction, property management, financial services, logistics, medical services and professional sports teams, among others.

Growing Need for Financing

In the early years of the company, Avision provided primarily consulting services, so its equipment needs were fairly simple. As the company grew it began providing services that required a data center and more hardware. As a result, Avision President Aiman Iswaisi began seeking financing options to meet the new equipment demands. As a small, three-year-old company, Avision’s key concerns were getting credit approvals, good finance rates and fast turnaround.

Marlin’s Impact

Avision was introduced to Marlin and the company has been Avision’s primary equipment finance provider ever since. Aiman estimated that Avision finances 90 to 95 percent of its equipment, and adds new hardware and other equipment every two to three years to keep up with changes in technology and growing customer demand. “If we couldn’t finance our equipment, we wouldn’t be in business,” he says.

The success of Avision’s experience financing with Marlin has led the company recently to offer vendor financing to its customers through Marlin as well. Aiman considers vendor financing a huge opportunity because it not only enables Avision to close deals more quickly, it also lets them close deals that might not have closed at all without affordable finance payments.

“Offering vendor financing has been great because I know Marlin will take care of my customers, and I can get the deals closed,” Aiman says. “Financing really is a win-win.”

Aiman has been extremely satisfied with the quality of service Avision receives from Marlin. He cites Marlin’s single point of contact representative as a constant source of support and information that he has come to rely on.

“Our Marlin representative is awesome,” says Aiman. “Since she knows us so well, it’s easy to call her with a quote for a piece of equipment and get the financing we need with quick turnaround. It’s a great relationship with Marlin, and I see it continuing in the future.”

For more information on Avision Technologies, please visit www.avisiontech.net.