McDonald’s® Franchisee Enjoys Outstanding Customer Service And Fast, Easy Approval Process With Marlin

Peter Castiglione is president of G.C. Products Inc., which owns two McDonald’s franchises in New York. He has been a franchisee since 1990.

Peter was unaccustomed to using equipment financing until a critical piece of equipment for one of his restaurants needed replacing. His equipment service company suggested that he look into the attractive terms being offered by the franchise division of Marlin Business Services Corp.

Marlin’s Impact

Peter’s decision-making requirements for financing were clear and simple: he needed the equipment immediately—which Marlin’s fast approval allowed, and it was a great opportunity to also take advantage of their franchise finance program. “I was very pleased with how easy the process was with Marlin,” he said.

What most stood out for him, however, was the high level of customer service.

“My Marlin account rep, Tammy Roberge, took very good care of me,” Peter said. “Her friendliness and willingness to answer my questions were outstanding—she was my go-to person for whatever I needed.”

As a result of his positive experience, Peter added, “When I have need for equipment in the future, I would contact Marlin first to see about financing with them again.”