Schlotzsky’s Deli Franchisee Finds Leasing With Marlin A Simple, Convenient Way To Conserve Cash

Max Woodcock, President of Woodcock Investments Inc., is a franchisee of Schlotzsky’s Deli, the international sandwich restaurant chain with locations in 36 states and three foreign countries. Max has been owner/operator of the New Bern, North Carolina location of Schlotzsky’s Deli for 14 years.

Leasing to Conserve Cash

When Max first opened his restaurant he purchased all the equipment he needed. After a few years, as equipment started needing to be replaced, he looked into financing with Marlin at the suggestion of his equipment vendor. He liked the idea of being able to lease with little or no money down, without using his own capital.

“There’s never enough capital when things come up or equipment breaks down,” Max says. “By leasing the equipment, I wouldn’t have to come up with the cash.”

Marlin’s Impact

Max said he’s enjoyed a good relationship with Marlin and has found dealing with them to be fast and convenient. Among the equipment Max has leased through Marlin are refrigerated tables used for preparing and serving food and a security camera system for the restaurant. He usually opts for 24 to 36-month lease-to-own terms.

“It’s quick approval, and Marlin’s easy to work with,” Max notes. “They call the vendor themselves and the equipment gets delivered. It’s pretty simple.”

Regarding future equipment leasing plans, Max says “I use Marlin for everything, basically, and will go to them when I need to finance again.”

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