Stevenson Tire Service Enjoys Ease Of Use Leasing Equipment With Marlin

Doug Stevenson is owner of Stevenson Tire Service, a full service tire and automotive center based in Fremont, California. Stevenson Tire Service offers top tire brands for sale, including Goodyear, Michelin and Yokohama, as well as service options such as oil changes, alignments and shocks and struts.

Benefits from Leasing

Stevenson Tire has been leasing alignment equipment, tire equipment, hoists and basic shop equipment since the family-owned business started in 1977. When Doug took over the business from his father 20 years ago, he was already well familiar with leasing from working around the shop and from his business school experience. He said the primary reason they lease is acquiring the equipment at lease end with a dollar buyout option.

Marlin’s Impact

The most important things Doug said he looks for from his financing provider are the ability to deliver as promised, ease of use and minimal paperwork. Stevenson Tire began leasing with Marlin in 2004, and Marlin is currently Stevenson Tire’s only financing provider because they consistently deliver quality customer satisfaction. Doug notes, “I just call my Marlin representative, he asks me what I need and he gets it done.”

When Stevenson Tire moved to a new location in 2014, Doug acquired all new equipment for the building through Marlin. Doug says, “I don’t think I spent more than 15 or 20 minutes on the phone for each piece of equipment. My Marlin representative knows me and my business, and makes it really easy to do.”

For Stevenson Tire’s future financing needs Doug said he will call Marlin first. Appreciating the quality and ease of his experience with Marlin, and with the right pricing, he won’t bother calling anyone else.

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