UNO Chicago Grill Franchisee Opts For Marlin Financing After Careful Selection Process

Eastside Restaurant Company LLC, is a franchisee of UNO Chicago Grill, the casual dining chain renowned for its popular deep dish pizza. Based in Sterling Heights, Michigan, Eastside has been operating for more than 10 years.

Weighing Financing Options

Early in 2014, Eastside company executives identified a number of equipment needs and set out prioritizing what they should acquire:

  • A water heater that badly needed to be replaced was at the top of the list.
  • A point-of-sale system, which needed to be upgraded with new, up-to-date technology to ensure proper security for credit card transaction processing.
  • Closed circuit security cameras.

According to Eastside president and operating member Bill Everal, they considered three sources of funding to finance the equipment acquisitions.

“Taking out a loan through our bank was one option,” says Bill.  “I also get offers for loans on a daily basis, by email and by fax, and most of them are based on credit card sales. The third option was to find an equipment leasing company.”

He says the decision to lease was a fairly easy one.  The bank loan was eliminated since he believes that banks are more focused on collecting fees than their customers’ business needs, and the payback time was too short on the credit card sales-based loan.

Marlin’s Impact

Having previously financed through Marlin, Bill received Marlin’s lease quotes for the three equipment types, as well as ones from two other equipment finance companies for comparison.  His selection of Marlin over its competitors was based on his earlier leasing experience with the company, as well as Marlin’s rates, level of customer service, and reputation servicing the restaurant industry.

“I had an overall better feeling with Marlin,” Bill says. “Our account representative is very good, and stayed on top of things all the time.  She followed up with the equipment contractors and facilitated the leasing process.”

Bill adds that there are always more equipment needs in his business.  When Eastside is ready for its next acquisition, Bill will look to Marlin for financing.