Security Moves to the Cloud

Cloud storage gives organizations the ability to store large amounts of data on a remote server that can be accessed through the internet. As surveillance systems become more sophisticated with higher resolution cameras, more customers are considering using the cloud to store video surveillance footage. The Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) notes that more than 70% … Continue reading “Security Moves to the Cloud”

Big Data Is Coming to Healthcare

The tidal wave of big data is making its way into healthcare. Medical practitioners, researchers and hospital executives are tantalized by the prospect of integrating huge amounts of patient information from disparate sources to develop diagnostic profiles, direct treatment and proactive therapies, and improve follow-up care. Healthcare administrators are beginning to realize big data’s potential … Continue reading “Big Data Is Coming to Healthcare”

Trending on Thursday

  How do you feel about the state of your small business? While many businesses have fully recovered from the Great Recession, problems persist among capital goods and inventory accumulation. This week’s Trending on Thursday details the latest national small business analysis, as well as providing you some summer marketing goals, ways you can leverage … Continue reading “Trending on Thursday”