It’s time for another edition of Trending on Thursday! This week, we’ve gathered articles on a wide range of important topics, from proper business email etiquette to nourishing your capacity for innovation.


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  1. Rude EmailSometimes, it seems as if we spend our entire workday writing, reading and responding to emails. In the mad race to stay on top of our inboxes, too often we can inadvertently send messages that annoy and, worse, insult co-workers and clients. Travis Bradberry, a contributor at, outlines some of the most common email mistakes.


  1. New businesses come and go all the time, so how can entrepreneurs keep theirs thriving for the long haul? You can start by not taking advantage of your employees. Yahoo! Small Business Advisor has more on that and other important longevity tips.


  1. Creativity is the lifeblood of successful entrepreneurs and business people, but inspiration can prove maddeningly elusive, particularly in today’s 24/7 environment. However, there are some everyday steps you can take to bring you closer to your next big idea. (Spoiler alert, if you find yourself tempted to take an afternoon nap, yield to that temptation. Charles Darwin and Mr. Rogers would approve.)


  1. Speaking of creativity, might your business be in need of a reinvention? Melinda Emerson outlines what that might entail.Save Time


  1. As the U.S. economy continues to improve, small businesses are once again feeling more optimistic. The National Federation of Independent Business’s Small Business Optimism Index increased in July after hitting a 15-month low earlier this summer. Another positive sign: small businesses are borrowing “at a record pace,” according to this CNBC report.