According to recent reports, most small business owners’ confidence in the economy was unchanged after the October job reports, despite higher than expected numbers. This week’s Trending Thursday dives into why #smallbiz owners confidence went unchanged last month. We also feature articles highlighting the benefits of positive communication, tips for writing a killer cold email, and some powerful Ted Talks to boost your emotional intelligence.

See this week’s roundup below and leave a comment telling us whether or not you feel confident in the U.S. economy.

      1. CNBC reports that U.S. small business confidence was unchanged in October, with hiring stagnant even as more owners expected higher sales and more planned to make capital outlays, a survey released on Tuesday showed. The National Federation of Independent Business said its Small Business Optimism Index was steady at 96.1 last month. This comes after news that The U.S. government reported payrolls outside the farm sector rose 271,000 in October, the largest increase in 10 months.
      1. TrendingNov12(1)Everyone knows that in order to fully commit to endeavors such as running a marathon or climbing a mountain, you need to be in tip-top shape. Small business owners should do the same, according to Deborah Shane, who has come up with the 11 essentials that can help you become a fit small business, capable of handling the unexpected and the successes you will enjoy.
      1. Do you try to communicate in a positive way to your employees? Former CBS News anchor Michelle Gielan says, “The way we communicate is incredibly predictive of our long-term levels of success. We’ve found in our research that when business professionals not only maintain an optimistic, resilient, solutions-focused mindset but also transmit that to others, they fuel better business outcomes across the board.” In her book, Broadcasting Happiness: The Science of Igniting and Sustaining Positive Change, Gielan shares a few simple, proven strategies that take less than two minutes a day to improve your positive communication for every business owner.
      1. In 2014, around 196.3 billion emails were sent and received every single day and that staggering number is set to explode to 236.5 billion by 2019. That means if you’re not doing something to stand out in a crowded inbox, your email will likely go unopened. Email can be a powerful tool for building new relationships and scoring new business, but you need to learn how to capture someone’s attention right off the bat. Entrepreneur Ryan Robinson has six steps to writing cold emails that make an incredible first impression.
    1. Back in September, we shared the six best Ted Talks to teach entrepreneurs valuable skills and lessons. We’ve got five Ted Talks, shared by Justin Bariso, that will boost your emotional intelligence. Having a high emotional intelligence can help you recognize your own and other’s emotions, help you understand the powerful effect of these emotions, and help you use that information to guide thinking and behaviors. Having this ability can greatly increase one’s efforts to achieve success. Bariso chose Martin Pistorius’ Ted Talk, who contracted a brain infection at age 12 (it’s heartbreaking) and Taiye Selasi’s talk, who like many others, struggles to answer the question “Where are you from?” Check out his top five emotional intelligence Ted Talks here.