Marlin is a nationwide provider of commercial lending.

Marlin is nationwide provider of commercial equipment and software financing. We offer a comprehensive set of vendor, manufacturer and distributor finance solutions including private label programs to increase your revenue and your competitive edge. We are a leading lender in the $1 trillion equipment financing industry. We outperform traditional lending institutions because of our approach to serving customers. As an equipment supplier, your company will receive financing expertise and consultation.

Financing Plans

This offers the most options both during and at the end of the term. FMV provides the best option for customers who want maximum flexibility at the end of the term. A customer has the option to extend the term, return the equipment or purchase it for the fair market value.
Those who can afford to pay a 10% security deposit at the beginning of the agreement can take advantage of low monthly payments. At the end of the term, the customer can use the deposit to purchase the equipment, extend the agreement or return the equipment and request a refund of the deposit.
This arrangement offers the customer a fixed purchase option at the end of the term. Upon final payment, the customer can continue to finance the equipment, return it or buy it at 10% of the original equipment cost.
This is a plan for customers who are fairly certain that they wish to purchase the equipment at the end of the term. Once the term expires, the equipment is simply purchased for $1.00.

Offer straightforward, competitively priced lending options.

There are many advantages to offering equipment financing to your customers. Here are the reasons we feel are most important:

Credit Availability

Prevent Equipment Obsolescence

No Down Payment Required

Conserve Working Capital


Fixed Monthly Payments

We provide commercial lending for all industries.

Marlin’s vendor finance team offers specific and dedicated industry expertise in combination with financing products and solutions designed to meet each industry’s unique challenges. This specialization means that we have in-depth knowledge of your market’s needs. We can deliver financing solutions customized to your sales objectives, process and distribution channels.

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Manage your applications and contracts with MarlinNet®.

Marlin’s online dealer portal offers you the tools you need to manage your applications, review your current contracts and get real-time views of your customers’ status. Access MarlinNet when you need it, 24/7.

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