February 26, 2018 How Secure Is the Internet of Things?

Posted on 7:33 pm in Security & Surveillance.

The internet of things (IoT) is connecting smartphones, tablets, laptops, and home and business devices at a dizzying rate. The IoT is a network that links devices and people through internet protocol (IP) connectivity, often without human intervention. Analysts expect the IoT will connect 24 billion devices globally by 2020, which translates into four connected … Continue reading “How Secure Is the Internet of Things?”

The Growing Threat of Health Care Data Breaches

Posted on 7:29 pm in Healthcare.

Protecting patient health data is becoming a more pressing problem for health care organizations and their information technology departments. In 2017, 477 security breaches exposed 5.6 million patient records to external hackers and insider threats.[1] The Ponemon Institute conducted a survey of health care organizations in 2016 and found 90% had experienced a data breach … Continue reading “The Growing Threat of Health Care Data Breaches”

Winning Strategies for Web Retailers

Posted on 5:45 pm in Small Business.

The Internet can take a business’s marketing potential to a global level. The web, email and wireless technology bring together creative and technical aspects of design, development, advertising and sales that when properly executed can surpass the effectiveness of call center or retail models. In addition, the potential for value-added customer service truly is unlimited. … Continue reading “Winning Strategies for Web Retailers”

The Value of Online Business Directories

Posted on 5:39 pm in Small Business.

Online business directories offer a public identity and presence that goes beyond what the traditional Yellow Pages phonebook used to provide. With Google My Business, for example, you can create a profile that includes a company logo, photos, reviews, hours of operation, directions and more — all for free. Directory listings are valuable because they … Continue reading “The Value of Online Business Directories”

Making Work Possible for More People Using Assistive Technologies

Posted on 5:25 pm in Office Technology.

With the national unemployment rate below 4.0%, businesses across the country are becoming more diverse and accommodating to a wider array of employees. More older employees are remaining on the job to stay active and engaged as they bolster retirement savings. In addition, many disabled individuals seek employment opportunities and welcome efforts by employers to … Continue reading “Making Work Possible for More People Using Assistive Technologies”

Augmented Intelligence Transforms Manufacturing

Posted on 5:14 pm in Information Technology.

Manufacturers are instilling augmented intelligence into production processes. Augmented intelligence applies new technology such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and virtual reality to human work processes to enhance the capabilities of workers. It supplements their abilities with additional knowledge and technology tools, which effectively raises their skill level and improves production output. AI is … Continue reading “Augmented Intelligence Transforms Manufacturing”

January 26, 2018 Blockchain’s Potential in Health Care

Posted on 4:58 pm in Healthcare.

Blockchain is being touted by technology experts as having the potential to transform a wide range of business transactions and processes. According to Forbes, private investment in blockchain companies exceeded $4.5 billion in 2017.[1] Blockchain technology securely records transactions between two parties and retains all transaction history. A blockchain constantly grows as new “blocks” or … Continue reading “Blockchain’s Potential in Health Care”

Tech Tools for Remote Restaurant Management

Posted on 4:41 pm in Food Service.

Restaurant operators on the go are turning to smartphone and tablet apps, cloud-based software and other convenient technology tools to improve operating performance and make their lives easier. New point-of-sale (POS) systems improve the dining experience for consumers and help restaurant operators easily manage sales reporting, inventory control and statistical analysis. A recent survey found … Continue reading “Tech Tools for Remote Restaurant Management”