November 16, 2017 Robots Enter the Surveillance Market

Posted on 4:12 pm in Security & Surveillance.

Security robots are moving steadily into the surveillance market to patrol parking lots, shopping malls, college campuses and other public areas. Industry analysts note advancements in a wide range of sensors and their miniaturization are driving rapid growth in the surveillance robot market. They foresee a compound annual growth rate of more than 12% by … Continue reading “Robots Enter the Surveillance Market”

Automating Employment Screening

Posted on 4:10 pm in Office Technology.

Technological innovation is moving into the recruiting process to achieve greater efficiency and better hiring outcomes.  While human recruiters will remain a critical part of the hiring process, automation can streamline data analysis, speed routine tasks and improve hiring success rates. Automating the employment screening process provides recruiters and companies with several advantages. It can … Continue reading “Automating Employment Screening”

Ransomware Threats Increasing

Posted on 4:06 pm in Franchise News.

Large-scale ransomware attacks dominated the news earlier this year and affected millions of businesses around the world. Large and small businesses alike fell victim to WannaCry and Petya ransomware. Security firm Proofpoint found attackers typically use email to plant ransomware.[1] Attackers generally use phishing schemes to enter a company’s systems and infiltrate devices, cash registers, … Continue reading “Ransomware Threats Increasing”

October 25, 2017 Office Wellness Takes Center Stage

Posted on 6:29 pm in Office Technology.

More companies are adhering to green building standards when constructing and renovating offices, factories, warehouses and distribution centers. Achieving the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification is considered by architects, developers, builders and facilities managers to be the gold standard in creating sustainable, healthy, efficient and cost-effective structures. Green buildings are designed to … Continue reading “Office Wellness Takes Center Stage”

Health Care Professional Education Goes Online

Posted on 6:09 pm in Healthcare.

Online degree programs for nursing and other health care disciplines are becoming a popular option for many health care professionals. One study identified nursing as the second most popular major among online learners for both graduate and undergraduate degrees.[1] Online degree programs are accessible and flexible, enabling students to study when and where it is … Continue reading “Health Care Professional Education Goes Online”

Mobile Apps for Hiring, Scheduling and Payroll

Posted on 5:55 pm in Franchise News.

Mobile apps and digital tools are making it easier for business owners to recruit workers, issue communications and manage scheduling, time sheets and payroll functions. These tools can help businesses save time, improve efficiency and trim labor costs. More than three-quarters of Americans (77%) own smartphones and an even higher percentage (92%) of young adults … Continue reading “Mobile Apps for Hiring, Scheduling and Payroll”